Professional Headshots and Branding


...places a face(s) on the corporation. In doing so it personalizes the company, reinforces its brand, and makes it more accessible to clients. A successful portrait should convey something of the individual while exemplifying the culture and mission of the institution. We get to know both the company and the individuals in order to produce more impactful and lasting portraits.

The Importance of the Professional Portrait.

"Corporate headshots can ace first impressions and earn your client's trust. When done right, they'll boost your commitment to quality and other important values. As a leader, these photographs should demonstrate the quality that you deliver daily."

-Forbes, 05-11-21

"You are 7x more likely to be found if you have a profile picture on LinkedIn...Members who include a photo receive up to 21 times more profile views and up to 36 times more messages...LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots receive 14 times more profile views."

-Omnicore, 01-04-22