I am Emlyn James.

To the East Coast of Canada born, I arrived in Jacksonville, Florida 18 years ago by way of Greece, Thailand, Korea, and Canada. Though classically trained and practiced in photography, I have acquired most of what I know about the art of creating images through interactions with people and places from around the world. It is my contention that if one hopes to represent human nature, one must first be exposed to as much of humanity as possible. People’s beliefs, their inspirations, aspirations, and hopes; their fears, the environments they make their own and their relationships with others have helped shape my view of the world. That view is what I try to show in every image I produce. From the environments in which we find ourselves to the ones we shape to suit us, from the physical selves we have been given to the way we choose to present ourselves, if you look close enough you can see something universal, familiar and beautiful in all of it.

Portrait of photographer


Francis Joseph

Frank for Mayor

Emlyn took the task of creating a professional set of images for a political campaign and created a beautiful set of images that are both honest and engaging.